New HDC Logistics storage depot in Aberdeen, UK.


British company HDC Logistics opens a new state of the art storage depot in Aberdeen Scotland, in order to serve mostly, the oil industry from the North Sea, supply chain management and vehicle transportation, this allowing HDC to be an important cargo hub in the northern UK.

The new depot offer supply chain, vehicle transport, escrow services, heavy logistics and short and medium time storage for merchandise, parcels, equipment and vehicle.

The depot will be fully operational by the end of may 2018, offering 25 new jobs for the Aberdeen area.

“Consumers are just buying more stuff than ever and our infrastructure, frankly, isn’t ready for it. It’s getting held back by dilapidated port infrastructure, by congestion, non-automated ports, and bad rail connections to the ports. We’re just recognizing the pain of 20 years of not investing in our infrastructure. And we’re feeling all that pain in one year right now. It’s increasingly difficult for truckers to pick up or drop off containers at ports and warehouses, leading to today’s congested ports, lots, and railyards. So boats can’t get in, we don’t have enough containers, a lot of the empty containers are stuck on the chassis, we don’t have enough chassis because we don’t have enough warehouse space, and we don’t have any space in the warehouses because we can’t move the goods out fast enough.

Also a new line of car transport trailers will be added to the fleet in order to serve vehicle transportation in this region of the country.

“Until we can focus on what actually clears the ports, rail yards and warehouses, and goods can begin to move at a pace that aligns more closely with the growth in consumer demand, there’s nowhere for the containers to go, and the number of ships waiting to unload will continue to grow.This new storage depot will offer HDC Logistics a complete advantage in the area offering our customers the best of services.” said HDC Logistics UK Manager Andrea Modelini.