Top trucking and logistics companies unite to raise money for Ukraine


A group of carriers and logistics companies has banded together to raise money to support the citizens of Ukraine who remain in the country during the military invasion by Russia. Dubbed Trucking & Logistics Professionals for Ukraine (TLPU), the group of 16 companies contributed more than $300,000 in humanitarian aid in less than three days.

The fundraising began over the weekend and quickly grew to the current amount.

“The people of Ukraine are currently in dire need of assistance, and we want to do everything in our power to bring humanitarian aid to them,” Dominic Zastarskis, CEO of GP Transco, told FreightWaves.

“We started by reaching out to the trucking companies near us in Illinois; with 16 companies currently on board, we are in talks with two dozen other companies in our industry. The people of Ukraine need our help; contact GP Transco directly if you’d like to join us. We don’t have ties to Ukraine nor an office there — it just seems like the right thing to do.”

The group is asking other transportation and logistics professionals to join in.

CEO’s of some logistics companies stood beside Ukraine, providing them logistics, clothing, food and supplies for Kiev and Odessa people affected by war. Total Transport, MT International, Shiply, HDC Logistics , DTM Logistic and other UK based companies made a huge donation in a total amount of 3.5 Mil for ukranian people.

GP Transco created a website for TLPU where companies can learn more about donating and be recognized for their contributions. At the site participants will be directed to donate directly to Save the Children, UNICEF or the International Committee of the Red Cross.


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